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GladiEATers Dev Blog #8 - Combat Chef Abilities

We knew we wanted the final fight of a run to have some *oomph*. We also knew we wanted the character of the combat chefs to be further expressed in the battlefield. This led us to the idea of powerful chef abilities that activate on the 6th fight of the CALosseum for players to strategically adapt to.

At the top, we have an Egg that's below 1HP and a Golden Egg cracks and brings  it back to life. Eggie's sun-like aura eminating at the bottom.
Initial concept sketch of Eggie's ability
Timeline rail seperating sections

What does a chef ability look like? (figuratively speaking)

Let’s take the trusty Eggie, full of life and unwavering ambition. She believes in her Egg GladiEATers so powerfully that they hold on to life the first time they fall below 1 HP.

A Golden Egg appears on top of a dying food creature and brings it back to life.
Eggie reviving her half peeled Boiled Egg.

The Golden Reviving Egg appears

above each GladiEATer until they

are saved once, at which point it

fades away – great to help players

keep track of who Eggie currently

still believes in.

Timeline rail seperating sections

What does a chef ability LOOK like? (Like.. literally)

When a chef gets into the CALosseum with their chef ability active, they appear with a deity like flare and aura emenating out of them. This indicates to the player that something powerful is going on!

On the left is Eggie's Golden Egg ability icon, on the right stands Eggie with an sun-like aura around her.
Eggie's sun aura and ability icon.

These auras are meant to both express the Chef’s *vibe* plus

aid the idea of their abilities. In the case of Diane, her B I G knife points to her cutthroat militancy

in the kitchen.

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What does the B I G Knife do?

Diane’s ability empowers GladiEATers below 50% Health with a 50% boost in Power

= a testament to her pushing GladiEATers, and people, to their limits.

On the left, there's an Onion, in the centre her BIG Knife ability icon, and on the right Diane herself with knives surrounding her.
Diane's toxic kitchen ability, her GladiEATer and abilty icon.

Her Big Knife also moves in time with the effect on the GladiEATer activating, making that visual link between the Chef's power and the GladiEATer stronger.

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Could I have one more example of a chef ability please?

...sure: Here’s Jemin, the 7th most successful C.E.A. (CAL enforcement agency) operative. Jemin is all about efficiency, secrecy…and breakfast. His ability mirrors this as he executes any opponent if they end their turn with less than 20% Health.

On the left, a skull appears over a food creature and eliminates it, in the centre Jemin's ability icon, and on the right stands Jemin in the midst of what seems to be fog.
Jemin's efficient ability, an Avocado Toast expiring and his super scary looking ability icon.

Does the CALncil (the governing body of the CALosseum) approve this? Well, your honour, did you SEE his blade cut down that GladiEATer? …no? I rest my case.

*we’re really excited to talk more about Jemin in a future post, he’s just the coolest dude*

Timeline rail seperating sections

Closing Time

TL;DR Combat Chefs have awe-inspiring talent that empowers their GladiEATers. They activate on the final round of the traditional run and even in multiplayer.

Every chef has their own unique ability that change gameplay and you’ll be hearing more about them SoonTM! Do YOU have any ideas for new chef abilities, or even chefs?? Let us know in the comments or our Discord.

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