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You can currently command over 50 GladiEATers! Each GladiEATer comes with 3 abilities, usually allowing you to attack enemies, buff allies and more.

Now, if you do the math (which I did with a calculator), that’s over 150 unique abilities that were hand animated in our favourite medium - pixel art. Give my compliments to our sprite artists and animators…

If you remember from our previous dev blog, the longer a creature takes to cook, the stronger it is! So, as a Combat Chef, with a strict, limited time to cook every match, you need to decide;

  • Put more time into one or two mighty GladiEATers


  • Spread your efforts wide and get six weaker (but still quite strong) food creatures.

The variety of approaches to team building here means that no creature is ever power crept. Even the smallest creatures have a presence, even in the end game.

A screenshot from GladiEAters where an Omelette and a Scrambled Egg is ready to fight two Chocolate Pancakes, Two Small Shakshoukas and a Whisked Egg
Two mighty Food Creatures against Six meak ones!

Most of the GladiEATer designs don't fall into the classic Damage, Support, Tank categories. We wanted to give our GladiEATers varied roles and different ways for you to play them.

Take for example our Fried Egg GladiEATer, which pivots around the Damage role with Yolk Beam blasting an enemy GladiEATer with heavy damage. Meanwhile, its’ other ability, Yolk Stare is a significant power debuff and Gooey Guilding provides a strong buff and shield to a fellow GladiEATer, embracing the Support role.

Fried Egg GladiEATer Food Creature Showcasing its yolk based abilities
Fried Egg Abilities, variety!

Alternatively, some GladiEATers take such little time to cook that they’re relegated to consumable-like effects.

For example, the Raw Egg GladiEATer can use Throw Guard, which prevents an ally from taking damage once at the cost of destroying itself – a common trait amongst all raw foods.

Raw Egg GladiEATer Food Creature and their three abilities
Raw Egg abilities - what a hero!

Hope you enjoy enjoyed this taster of the GladiEATer mechanical designs. We’ve got so much more to talk to you about. Be sure to comment below and join our Discord to ask any more questions.

In this blog post, the devs put in place what GladiEATers, where GladiEATers and why GladiEATers.

Hey fellow Combat Chefs, Oliver and Iliana here, two members of the micro team cooking up GladiEATers; the pairing of cooking and turn-based strategy!

Welcome to the CALoseum, where the CAL particle has been discovered and has the power of animating the inanimate calories in food! After years of GladiEATer warfare, nations have decided to solve disputes by way of GladiEATer combat in the CALoseum.

The best Combat Chefs from around the world have been conscripted in this battle, each with their own Culinary Specialities, unique team of GladiEATers, and Stories you can immerse yourself in.

Boiled Egg Half Creature Pixel Art  GladiEATers
Boiled Egg Half cannot contain their excitement

Have I forgotten to mention that this also includes you? That’s right! Play as one of these Combat Chefs to cook & command your way to the top!

As a starter, let us introduce you to the game and its features.


Have you ever cracked an egg? Or perhaps baked a loaf of bread? You do exactly that as you prepare food in fun, bite-sized Mini Games, before watching it come to life as a GladiEATer! Remember, the better your cooking, the stronger your creature. Cook up a feast of a team before time runs out!


You are now at the CALoseum and are ready to battle the world’s greatest Combat Chefs. The time has come for you to command your food creatures in deep turn-based strategy. Your potential team of over 50 GladiEATers with over 150 special hand-animated pixel abilities is all prepared, impatiently waiting for you!

Combat Chefs

Seven of the world's best Combat Chefs are here, with their own tales, unlockable recipes and unique Gladieaters. We cannot wait to tell you more about the special place the Combat Chefs hold in our hearts in a later update!


Avocado Paste Pixel Art Creature GladiEATers
Avocado Paste in awe

Who’s making this game?

We are MilkBubbles, a micro studio with a love for pixel art and the indie scene, particularly its genre-bending spirit that we are fully embracing with GladiEATers. We are hard-baked fans of creature-collecting RPGs and the nostalgic flavour of pixel art.

Where can I get this game?

GladiEATers is currently being self-published for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam... with Console, and Mobile in due course.

When can I get this game?

Early Access will be released in February 2024! We intend to leave Early Access within a year.

Will you release a Demo?

Yes, a demo will be released!

Will there be Multiplayer or Co-op?

Yes, at Early Access launch there will be a simple Multiplayer system developing into an online Multiplayer leaderboard and Co-op play by the end of Early Access.

What comes next?

Our aim is to keep posting updates like this so that we keep you guys in the loop on development, so keep your eyes open for future blog posts, and comment down below on what you’d like to hear us talk about! food creature suggestions are permitted

To see what GladiEATers serves up soon, be sure to Wishlist on Steam! Please don’t hesitate to join our Discord Community, where you can ask questions, share your art or simply chat with other Combat Chefs such as yourself.

Lastly, we cannot tell you how powerful and influential your ongoing support has been.

Thank you ever so much, truly.

Clocking out, Oliver and Iliana

Riku & Kate GladiEATers Pixel Art Combat Chefs
Riku & Kate being cute

Final CALeseum Ringless_edited.jpg
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