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GladiEATers Blog #2 - Appetiser

You can currently command over 50 GladiEATers! Each GladiEATer comes with 3 abilities, usually allowing you to attack enemies, buff allies and more.

Now, if you do the math (which I did with a calculator), that’s over 150 unique abilities that were hand animated in our favourite medium - pixel art. Give my compliments to our sprite artists and animators…

If you remember from our previous dev blog, the longer a creature takes to cook, the stronger it is! So, as a Combat Chef, with a strict, limited time to cook every match, you need to decide;

  • Put more time into one or two mighty GladiEATers


  • Spread your efforts wide and get six weaker (but still quite strong) food creatures.

The variety of approaches to team building here means that no creature is ever power crept. Even the smallest creatures have a presence, even in the end game.

A screenshot from GladiEAters where an Omelette and a Scrambled Egg is ready to fight two Chocolate Pancakes, Two Small Shakshoukas and a Whisked Egg
Two mighty Food Creatures against Six meak ones!

Most of the GladiEATer designs don't fall into the classic Damage, Support, Tank categories. We wanted to give our GladiEATers varied roles and different ways for you to play them.

Take for example our Fried Egg GladiEATer, which pivots around the Damage role with Yolk Beam blasting an enemy GladiEATer with heavy damage. Meanwhile, its’ other ability, Yolk Stare is a significant power debuff and Gooey Guilding provides a strong buff and shield to a fellow GladiEATer, embracing the Support role.

Fried Egg GladiEATer Food Creature Showcasing its yolk based abilities
Fried Egg Abilities, variety!

Alternatively, some GladiEATers take such little time to cook that they’re relegated to consumable-like effects.

For example, the Raw Egg GladiEATer can use Throw Guard, which prevents an ally from taking damage once at the cost of destroying itself – a common trait amongst all raw foods.

Raw Egg GladiEATer Food Creature and their three abilities
Raw Egg abilities - what a hero!

Hope you enjoy enjoyed this taster of the GladiEATer mechanical designs. We’ve got so much more to talk to you about. Be sure to comment below and join our Discord to ask any more questions.


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